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Phobos is a lightweight, scripting-friendly, web application environment running on the Java platform.

It comes with a set of plugins for the NetBeans IDE that cover the complete development process. These include a fully-featured debugger; wizards to help you get started faster; a palette of Ajax widgets that can be dropped on a page, thanks to jMaki; and the ability to generate a standard web application for deployment on any servlet container or Java EE application server.

Currently, the primary language supported by Phobos is JavaScript. By leveraging JavaScript on the server, Phobos allows developers to use the same language on the client and server tier of a web application, eliminating the impedance mismatch that characterizes other approaches to Ajax.

Please visit About Phobos for more details or the documentation page for more in-depth materials, including tutorials and screencasts.

Download the latest release
Watch the screencast
See the slides (PDF) from our presentation at the Web 2.0 Expo 2007 Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Update:Work is ongoing on the next release, which will have a version number of 0.6.x. Find out more details here.

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